A tool to help individuals and families document their life highlights. is an online platform for recording legacy - preserving and sharing the story of your life in your own words. It is easy to use and, best of all, brought to the community as a free service and gift from Dwyer Funeral Home 776 North St., Pittsfield, MA.

Families need to record memories before they fade with time. is an opportunity to preserve memories. You can add photos and video to "your story" and even record private messages to be delivered to loved ones after you leave this life. Using is easy. Membership is free. Get started today.

Before my mom died, I purchased a book that led us through her life with questions for her to answer... it gave us ideas to 'get her started' talking. So, we would use some of our time together to 'document' the important events in her life. My sister read it and said "I didn't know that about mom!" I bet there was still a lot left that we didn't get to!

- Claudia M